Mormon Wordles provide a new way at looking at the Book of Mormon, the Bible, General Conference talks, hymns, home teaching and visit teaching lessons, the Family Proclamation, the Articles of Faith, and countless other LDS documents. A wordle presents text as a colorful image with each word’s relative font size based on word frequency (the more frequently the word or phrase is used in the text being wordled, the larger the font).

As a Church, we have been blessed with more text than many other Christian religions. Mormon Wordles provide us with another opportunity to engage these texts, and are an art form as well. Many of us are guilty of not really feasting on the words of well known LDS scriptures, hymns, the Family Proclamation and other documents because we have heard them so many times. Mormon Wordles can re-engage us with these same texts. Viewing the wordle images gets us thinking about the words used in those documents, recalling some phrases, searching for others, and wondering where some of them came from.

Just as our leaders often use personal stories and allegories to bring new life to age old messages (faith, repentance, obedience, tithing, service, the Atonement, the importance of Temple worship, enduring to the end, and other Gospel Principles), Mormon Wordles similarly bring new life to these same valuable Gospel messages.

Come take a journey with us and see Mormon documents in a new light.

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